VQ PODS Mango Bliss 4 Pods



    • What does it mean to bask in a tropical delight? Well, in this case, it means inundating your palate in a world of honeyed mango flavors that remind the senses of what it’s like to vacation in the tropics. VQ Pods Mango Bliss were originally designed to emulate the mango selection at your local grocery store, successfully accomplishing the taste they set out to perfect. Nowadays, their popularity is derived from a flavorful combination of natural flavors and nic salts. Compatible with any Juul device, these pods are the perfect solution for anyone looking to find a viable replacement to their dessert and habitual vape break after it.

      Package contents:

      VQ PODS Mango Bliss 4 Pods – JUUL Compatible

      Each VQ PODS contains 1mL of eJuice with 5% salt nic by weight.

      Price Per Pod: $2.99


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