Mr Fog Blueberry 4 Pods




    What’s with the growing popularity of the Mr. Fog Blueberry Pods? Everyone is stopping to turn their heads and face the plethora of luscious sweet, but tart flavors head on. This amalgamation brings forth the finest and ripest blueberry flavors to the surface, featuring the perfect imitation of the explosive tasting berry itself. What we have here is a berry flavor that imparts a unique, piquant savor together with delectable sweet essences that overshadow the flavor profile. Medium bodied on the strength, this concoction is rather gentle on the palate and treats the senses with respect upon every inhalation. If you’re looking to satisfy your deepest innate desires to quench your thirst for a dessert-like experience, look no further than this product!

    Package contents:

    Mr Fog Blueberry 4 Pods – Replacement Pods for JUUL

    Each pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 6% nicotine by weight.

    while it lasts!


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