4X Ripe Mango 4 Pods

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4X Ripe Mango 4 Pods

Each 4X Pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 6.8% salt nic by weight

Package contents:

4X Ripe Mango 4 Pods – JUUL Compatible

IngredientsGlycerol, propylene glycol, flavor, nicotine, benzoic acid

Imagine sitting somewhere on the beach right now, peeling away at the skin of a thick pulpy mango. As you cut it into pieces and proceed to consume it, you allow your senses to embrace every flavor that has to offer. Now, what if you could do the same thing but with a slightly different twist? The 4X Pods Ripe Mango offers an exceptional opportunity for you to experience the bliss of the mango flavor strictly within the palate, featuring a creamy, unforgettable smoke that will captivate your heart forever. The sweet taste will pervade your senses like a wave, conferring on them the delectable bliss of pulpy goodness with every single inhalation. This perfectly balanced blend will leave you amazed in ways you never thought were possible; therefore, what are you waiting for?


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