Ziip Rainbow Candy 4 Pods



    • Package contents:

      Ziip Rainbow Candy Pods 4ct – Compatible Pods for JUUL Kit

      Each Ziip pod contains 1mL of eJuice

      Ziip Pods Rainbow Candy Features:

      JUUL-compatible pods
      1ml pods
      Nicotine salt formula
      Pack of four
      These Juul-compatible pods tout a new record of technology’s ability to blend an amalgamation of different flavors into one without creating a flavorful mesh, whereby each taste and flavor will be individually recognized. The Juul-compatible ZIIP Pods Rainbow Candy delivers the same instinctual flavor profile as skittles do, where each little bite provides a different flavor. When you vape this goodness, your palate will be endowed with one after another flavor essence that will never allow one to experience boredom. This rare flavor needs to be properly tasted and experienced, for it provides a true, once in a lifetime experience unlike many other contemporary flavors.
      Price Per Pod: $2.49


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