SixT Blu Raz 4 Pods



  • Introducing SixT Blu Raz Pods, a quintessential new edition that fuses the domains of several luxurious flavors into one in order to glister in a bouquet of unforgettable sensations. These pods contain within a concoction derived from the blue raspberry, formally known as the whitebark raspberry that ranges in color from a hue of dark blue to a rich, deep purple. Inundate your senses in a domain of sweetness, underpinned by a pervasion of irresistible sour traits with every single inhalation. SixT has managed to perfectly fit into a contained of electronic liquid a flavor that impeccably imitates the actual blue raspberry, an undertaking that was previously inconceivable. This means that you will get the most out of every single puff with zero compromises. Medium bodied on the strength, you can allow your senses to know that they’re in good hands and will not be overpowered.

    Package contents:

    SixT Blu Raz 4 Pods

    Each SixT pod contains:

    1mL of eJuice with 6% salt nic by weight



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