Puff Mango 4 Pods



  • Package contents:

    Puff Mango 4 Pods

    Each Puff pod contains:

    1mL of eJuice with 5% nicotine by weight

    PUFF Pods Mango Features:

    • JUUL Compatible Pods
    • 1ml flavored eJuice per pod
    • Nicotine salt formula
    • Pack of four

    The magic years of sensational ecstasy are dawning upon you, and we have something rather special in store for you. The Puff Mango Pods have been specially crafted and blended to show you that you don’t have to eat the mango to enjoy all of its sensational perquisites. Evincing a vapor that renders a flavor that is identical to the fruit, you can rest assured that you have the full entitlement to skip dessert. This PUFF Pods medium bodied masterpieces continues to leave consumers in awe of its amazing taste, featuring a vapor that is gentle on some of the most delicate palates. With every puff, you can expect a luscious, thick smoke that eclipses what lies beyond due to its richness.

    Price Per Pod: $2.24


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