Puff Blueberry 4 Pods



  • With so many other savors to choose from, allow us to elucidate why the PUFF Blueberry Pods should be your first choice. The richness of the berry itself is tremendously accentuated thanks to the manufacturer, allowing for each puff to emulate the consumption of the greatness itself. The pungent flavor pierces through the web of the senses with pure ease, rendering the palate completely still upon its grandiose arrival. This stillness is followed by the inundation of pure bliss, whereby the pods commence to deliver a thick, chunky vapor that eclipses anything that lies beyond it. Mild in its strength, this Juul Compatible Pods continues to treat the senses with optimal respect and will never prevail over their threshold.

    Package contents:

    Puff Blueberry 4 Pods

    Each Puff pod contains:

    1mL of eJuice with 5% nicotine by weight

    PUFF Pods Blueberry Features:

    JUUL Compatible Pods
    1ml flavored eJuice per pod
    Nicotine salt formula
    Pack of four
    Price Per Pod: $2.24


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