Mr Fog Spearmint 4 Pods



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    Mr Fog Spearmint 4 Pods – Replacement Pods for JUUL

    Each pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 6% nicotine by weight

    This is an argument that MR FOG’s Spearmint blend offers a better experience of sensual revitalization and reinvigoration than the leading chewing gum brand assuming the same flavor profile. Let’s talk flavor. MR FOG Pods exclusive recipe features the savory essence that the mint leaves do in a fashion where you couldn’t tell a difference by smell or taste provided your eyesight was closed. Allowing for you to experience something akin to “vaping the leaves”, both your palate and senses of smell would be tantalized under the blessing of the richness of the clouds yielded with each puff. Can your favorite gum do that? What about the 60mg nicotine fix this concoction offers? We are sure your chewing gum is devoid of that too, so choosing this product to freshen you up over anything else should be a no brainer.


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