SixT Green Apple Mint 4 Pods



  • We need to take into consideration what a beautiful outcome can be derived from bringing apple and mint together into one concoction. At first, you have the lightly sweet and bitter taste of the Granny Smith Apple caressing your senses upon inhalation. As you recognize the flavor, your palate is treated to another sensational bliss bestowed upon you by the spearmint. The SixT Green Apple Pods are the quintessence of mixing flavors in order to create something twice as amazing. This medium bodied blend features a thick, rich vapor upon exhalation and never ceases to impress. Never abrasive on the structure of your senses, you can now expect that you will be endued with the best flavorful amalgamation on the market. Time to add this to your basket!

    Package contents:

    SixT Green Apple Mint 4 Pods

    Each SixT pod contains:

    1mL of eJuice with 6% salt nic by weight


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