SixT Caffe Latte 4 Pods



  • It’s never too late to redefine the limited perspective of your palate and expand it through the scope of transcendence. The SixT Caffe Late Pods are simply incredible, boasting a flavor profile that emulates the actual coffee product to the tee. Redefining the way your senses view the art of consumption, you should come prepared to change your outlook on the idea of perception of flavor. With a vapor so viscous, you will almost be tricking your senses into believing that you’re drinking coffee when you’re simply puffing on a flavor that mirrors it. Experiencing a different kind of rush, a nicotine versus caffeine one, your palate will commence to perceive simply the best of both worlds. Mild in its strength profile, you need not worry about overpowering your senses. Just continue puffing and enjoying yourself!

    Package contents:

    SixT Caffe Latte 4 Pods

    Each SixT pod contains:

    1mL of eJuice with 6% salt nic by weight


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