Sea 100 Strawberry 4 Pods



  • Sea Pods Strawberry offers your senses a rather special blend of sweetness, together with unique pungent flavors that yield a thick vapor that is underpinned by a medium bodied strength profile. Upon every inhalation, your palate will receive a treatment just as special as it would upon the physical consumption of the strawberry. This will make you question if eating the berry itself really is a much better ordeal. That dilemma is rather easy to resolve, for once you eat a strawberry it vanishes deep into your insides forever; if you puff on the e-liquid then you can forever swathe your senses in its sugary essence without ever having to depart from it.

    Package contents:

    Sea Pods Strawberry 4ct – JUUL Compatible Pods

    Each Sea 100 Pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 5% salt nic by weight


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