Mr Puff Strawberry Banana 5 Pods



  • Package contents:

    Mr Puff Strawberry Banana 5 Pods – JUUL Compatible

    Each Mr Puff pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 6% of salt nic

    Mr Puff Strawberry Banana Pods Features:

    • Compatible Pods
    • 1mL salt eLiquid per pod
    • 6% salt nic
    • Pack of five

    Years ago, the combination of strawberries and bananas created an outburst of popularity among dessert lovers. From smoothies to juices and other sweet products, this concoction finally made its way to e-liquids in order to satisfy those that relish in the art of vaping. Mr. Puff Pods jumped on this golden opportunity right away in order to bring you the finest recipes of the medium to strong bodied vaping experiences you will find anywhere in the world. At 60mg nicotine, these pods are made with a popular SaltNic formula that satisfies cravings all the time. If you have a sweet tooth, this blend is definitely the one for you.


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