Mr Fog Strawberry + Passion Fruit 4 Pods



  • Package contents:

    Mr Fog Strawberry + Passion Fruit 4 Pods – Replacement Pods for JUUL

    Each pod contains 1mL of sat eJuice with 6% nicotine by weight

    Mr Fog Pods Strawberry & Passion Fruit Features:

    Have you ever heard of this? The MR FOG Strawberry and Passion Fruit concoction is a rare experimentation, combining the strong flavored, tart passion fruit with the tart, yet predominantly sour but slightly sweet strawberry. Is this an overload of tartness? No, and here is why. Generally speaking, strawberries are not sweet. MR FOG Pods has set a standard to obtain the sweetest and ripest strawberry harvests in order to strike a balance between sweetness, sourness and tartness in a three way based flavor ecstasy. Unlike competition, this manufacturer hand selects the products from which their natural flavors are derived; this is what gives them the edge on fruits and berries that seem otherwise incompatible. At 60mg in nicotine, they’ve decided to make sure all of the smoker’s cravings are satisfied with no complaints. There is never a better time to become a new fan of MR FOG than now.


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